Monday, 24 November 2014


Hello and welcome to The Unblinking Eye! My name is John - I'm a 21 year old from Brisbane, Australia. I study Classics (Ancient History & Classical Languages) at the University of Queensland, and will be commencing post-graduate studies in 2015.

I've been collecting Warhammer since I was in 9 years old, having been introduced to the game as a little child by a cousin. Despite this cousin leaving the hobby while I was still quite young, he bequeathed me a large number of older White Dwarves, from which my love of Chaos Space Marines was kindled. I was transfixed by the stories of the traitor Legions, and the diorama of Horus vs the Emperor (done by Mike McVey I believe) really inspired me.

From these early days I counted myself as a follower of the Black Legion, and despite forays into fantasy you could be sure that when I took to the tabletop, it would be with the Eye of Horus adorning my models.

In my later school years I fell out of the hobby due to time constraints, but immediately following school my girlfriend (who would have thought) claimed that she could paint better than me when she discovered unpainted Chaos Space Marines in my cupboard.

Boy, has she regretted saying that in the years since.

I immediately threw myself back into the hobby, aiming primarily to increase my painting skills to a competition level that I could be proud of. Unfortunately, Games Workshop are full of morons and removed Games Day after 2012 from Australia, so it is unlikely I will ever realise my dream of winning a Golden Demon.

In late 2012, Forge World released Horus Heresy: Betrayal. The moment I saw the Sons of Horus, I fell in love and I've been a dedicated Son of the Warmaster ever since.

This blog has been created so I can muse on the Horus Heresy in general, and perhaps post pictures and WIP's of my Sons of Horus. There is a fantastic tournament scene in Brisbane related to 30k, and I am signed up for many of these events. I aim to do battle reports in the future to cover this.

I do not expect this blog to ever attract many viewers; I am no power gamer so it is unlikely you will find revolutionary new tactics here. This blog is as much for me as it is for any possible reader. I love the 30k community, and hope to contribute as much as I can.

Thanks for reading!


  1. look forward to seeing yours sons mate, saw your army at the tourney in september and it looked mint

  2. When is your review of Conquest being posted?